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Low Cost – Fast ROI
Easy Ordering w/Fast Delivery
Removable Branding & Decals
Lots of Color Combos in Stock
Rental Market Proven
High Quality Manufacturing
Modern and Old School Designs
Salt Resistant Paint
Inexpensive Replacement Parts
Easy Maintenance

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High Quality Affordable Promotion Bikes

From $319 delivered.
Proven in 200+ rental and hotel markets.
Our bikes are an industry favorite! Great for promotional bikes, giveaways, bike brigades, branding displays, you name it. The tremendous value is proven by 200+ rental, hospitality, and branding business users we serve. Our testimonials and client list are a strong vote of confidence. From paint job and components, to comfort and appearance, it’s a great bike through and through.

Promotional Bikes and Branded Bikes for Every Need

Activation Marketing
Promotions Agencies
Branded Bikes
Charity Auctions
Employee Health Initiatives
Bike Brigades & Events
Field Marketing
Bike Giveaways
Experiential Marketing
Brand Ambassadors
Bike Incentives
Customer Rewards

The Two Most Popular Bike Models

Our top selling marketing and promotion bike is the Single Speed Unisex Beach Cruiser, followed closely by it’s Three Speed counterpart. Both have coaster brakes for ease of riding, slightly wide beach cruiser tires for easy rolling, and a comfortable seat. The rider sits slightly upright; which gives good visibility and comfort for long periods of riding.

    best beach cruiser single speed   

Old-School Beach Cruiser Option

Our fendered classic in Single Speed or 3 Speed is really popular for bike brigades where cute is important. These bikes have flower power.

promo beach cruiser purple        

Our Most EXCITING Promotional Bike

You and your clients will be impressed with our Stretch Cruiser. This bike gets LOOKS. Every time we deploy this model, especially with street teams, we get calls for more bikes. Your client or project is going to stand out and get press, period. The bike is quite different than what people are used to seeing, but very easy to ride and super comfortable. Two colors; badass Black and super sweet Chrome.


Choosing Your Bikes Sizes

Use our Handy Bike Size Guide, but typically buyers choose all or mostly 26″ unisex, with a few men’s, sometimes a mix of 26″ and 24″. The safest bet for your street teams, bike giveaways, or bike advertising use is 26″ unisex, or a mix of unisex and men’s. An exception would be when more exact sizing is important because the bike will be for long term use by the recipient. In that case we send you a variety of 24″ and 26″ men’s and unisex bikes based on your rider numbers so bikes match riders.

Free Shipping

Most places in the contiguous US we offer free shipping via overland pallet trucking.
Each bike’s page shows it’s quantity breaks for pricing. We are the highest quality, lowest cost promo bike wholesaler on the market. The models start at $319 including shipping to your door; depending on quantities. Prices vary but most are under $450 shipped. Prices fluctuate. But we keep all pricing easy to spot on each individual bike on our site with a simple quantity grid.

Don’t See a Package You Like?

We can create a private link for custom quantities and mix and match orders.
But if you see what you want, just click on the bike and select your quantities and color and pay. Check with us first if color is important. Sometimes large orders can deplete a color below 15 units, but it won’t be reflected in the inventory for another day or so. Reach out our Wholesale Help Desk if you want specifics. Please leave a detailed message about your needs; we are fast at returning calls but voice mail will collect your info. first. OR send an email to [email protected].

Lots of Payment Methods Accepted

Wire transfer, or cashiers’ check.
We accept cashiers’ check, and wire transfers. We’ll create an order, send you an invoice to sign and pay. For paying by wire transfer you’ll receive email instructions. For cashier’s check you be provided a physical address to overnight payment.

Bike Ship Times are Fast

From 10-12 days depending on your location and quantity.
We are the fastest wholesale delivery timeline in the industry. As long as your bikes are in stock, they ship upon clearance of your payment. They are put together on a pallet and shipped via overland trucking, typically to your door with 10-12 days. For very large orders you must sometimes wait for stock to enter the country but we are really good at letting you know what’s here so you can modify your choices to fit your timeline.

Bikes are 95% Assembled

A few items are not connected to protect them during shipping. Once un-boxed, all that needs to be done is to attach the front wheel to the frame. Slip the handlebars in and tighten. Attach the seat to the seat shaft and slip it in the receiver hole and tighten. The pedals are marked with “L” and “R” for easy identification. If you are sitting on the bike the pedals attach to your left and right from that position. It shouldn’t really take more than 25 minutes at most for the first one and as you do more that time will decrease. Check out our easy to follow Pictorial Bike Assembly Guide.

All Branding Easily Removable for Logos

Your branding image is your bread and butter; so keep this ball in your court no matter who you work with. Branded bikes are typically managed via the advertising agency. Your exact client specifications are tricky long distance so it’s really best and most cost effective for you to do it. It’s easier for you too…our bikes will have a small series of branding stickers from the manufacturer which are easily removed.

Simply order your branding, test it out on one of the arrivals, then modify or continue with adding the rest of the branding materials. Our experience with marketing agencies has been that that job is MUCH better performed in house where you can apply one as a demo, see if you like it, then proceed with modifications or application of the rest.

We hope this info is helpful to you, feel free to use our Wholesale Help Desk or write [email protected] if you have questions. We’re super fast at getting back to you and are used to helping people like you get things done quickly. Thanks for considering us!