Our web site is updated daily, however, occasionally orders cross in the mail with inventory in terms of timing. If your item is out of stock we will contact you to determine what you’d like us to do. Usually the same product, but a different color, is available or a similar bike can be found. Of course, we write to determine your preferred course of action, and will cancel your order if we don’t receive a response by 5pm so you  don’t have to worry.

Shipping dates indicated on the site for any bike type and/or bike color are estimates and may change at any time. We use information directly from the manufacturer and our data is subject to reflect changes in shipping times, inventory errors, and other issues related to orders and inventory crossing in the system, and timing of containers from the manufacturing facility.


Your equipment colors should be noted on your receipt. Equipment colors for each product on our site may change without notice due to availability and cross platform ordering. Colors for each product vary, and are visible in the drop down box on that product’s page.


You will receive an email from [email protected] with a subject line mentioning your bike order number when your shipment leaves our warehouse. The email will contain tracking information. Shipments are typically sent using FedEx but your Tracking information will specify which was used. To help assist in the fraudulent use of your credit information, FedEx will require that the shipment is signed for as their proof of delivery.


Special note on delivery addresses not included in our shipping area: Free Shipping is available from our warehouses to your destination for your purchase and includes shipping to valid shipping addresses in the United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, military and air force bases, islands, remote addresses outside normal shipping rates, and PO boxes.

Some addresses will allow you to check out in our shopping cart, but in fact have an extra shipping fee that needs to be quoted due to the unusual nature of your address. We cannot foresee all possible shipping exceptions but you may write to find out your rate if you think your address might be excluded. [email protected] If your shipping address is excluded we will attempt to contact you to inform you of additional charges and allow you to pay them. If we aren’t able to contact you your order will be cancelled.


(Your submission of your order is your agreement to purchase.)
Your opportunity to cancel your order occurs during checkout when you give final approval for your purchase and allow your credit card to be charged. We are an instant processor and order fulfillment happens immediately. Bikes and color choices are held in the order received. Due to limited inventory, high demand, and fast turnaround time, orders are fulfilled as specified on your invoice.


You are responsible for notifying us immediately of a missing shipment, we do not track your purchase once it leaves the warehouse, and any delay in reporting a missing item could cause a delay in fixing the issue whether lost, stolen, or simply not arriving by the date suggested by Fedex.


It is very important to assemble your bike(s) and any accessories within 3 days of receipt so any damage or manufacturer warranty claims can be filed within that required timeline. There are no exceptions to damage or warranty claim timelines. This aspect is governed by our manufacturers and not within our control. Full details appear below your receipt contents, and on our website. Handy, fully pictorial assembly instructions are on our website at


Customer Service is available via email 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, except holidays, at [email protected] or via the Questions link on every page of our site.


Credit and Debit card charges will appear as “Great Gear Delivered, Inc.” on your billing statement.


You will receive a copy of your order at the billing address you submitted which will serve as confirmation and receipt of your purchase.


(You must notify us of desire to return/exchange within 3 days of shipment delivery for retail purchases, which are in quantities of 5 or less bikes only. For larger quantity and wholesale purchases there are no cancellations, returns, exchanges, or credits permitted. No exceptions.)

If you order something, and later realize you really wanted something else, we can help. Unopened bikes may be exchanged for any reason for an item equal to or greater than in cost, with the exception of quantity purchases, for which there are no returns or exchanges permitted. Please remember though, you will be charged for shipping the item back to us, then credited for the item only once it arrives and has been inspected.

Bikes are heavy, inventory is kept in tightly controlled quantities, and shipping is expensive so a few guidelines apply. A restocking charge no less than twenty (20%) percent, shipping of the return item and the new item, and any cost difference in the products is the responsibility of the customer. Your original purchase must be received in unopened, undamaged condition back at our warehouse before new merchandise can be sent.

Of course if there is a mistake in our warehouse or order processing department, and you received the wrong item, no additional charges apply. We will rectify the mistake at our expense. We must be notified of errors of this nature within 3 days of the receipt of the product. Please notify us of any mistake in your order or return issues via email (this is for tracking purposes) and we will attend to your request promptly. You are responsible for opening and inspecting your package within the time limit, this is especially important to remember when buying gifts or equipment in advance.


(You must notify us of manufacturer’s warranty and defect issues within 3 days of shipment delivery to allow service within the allowable 30 day warranty period. No exceptions.)

All bicycles carry a thirty (30) day warranty on the frame and all joint components.

Although extremely rare, we do come across an occasional manufacturer’s defect. If you suspect a product or part has a manufacturer’s defect, please notify us by submitting the an RMA Claim within the allowed time frame of 3 days of receipt of your bike. You are responsible for opening and inspecting your package within the time limit, this is especially important to remember when buying gifts or equipment in advance.
We will respond to your claim within 3 business days to inform you as to what action will take place in order to rectify the situation. The manufacturer will replace any part(s) that is found to be defective or that fails within the period of the warranty.

Unless otherwise stated in writing, the warranty on each bicycle sold by is limited to defective part(s) replacement with equal or greater value type product at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.
Non-Warranty Items
a. Gear, brake, spoke, or any other adjustments.
b. Normal wear and tear to bike, tires or component from use or exposure to elements.
c. Any alteration made or aftermarket part installed on bike by customer.
d. Damage from a bike accident.
e. Damage due to original shipping or transport.
f. Minor scratches are not deemed damage and not covered by the warranty. reserves the right to substitute similar parts on bicycles as per manufacturer specifications as seen fit.

No unauthorized returns will be accepted without the proper RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number associated with the returned merchandise. We must first approve the return, thus issuing an RMA number.To file a return or replacement, you must fill out the RMA Claim Request. Your claim form must be followed by photos of the damage attached to an email sent to [email protected] In addition, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost of any returned part(s) and/or merchandise. is not responsible for damaged merchandise due to shipping carriers or defective part(s).Furthermore, is hereby indemnified against any such claim(s) herein listed above.