Capture Google Bike Rental & Tourism Traffic

Reserve the bike rental domain for your city or area, whether you think you need it or not, and put up a page of info about bike rentals as well as anything ELSE you want to rent. Consider this…How would you find where to rent a bike in the area you’re visiting? If you are interested in renting a bike you might also be interested in other rentals like scooters, electric bikes, golf carts, etc.

Act Fast Before Someone Else Does

Look what happens when you put “Orlando bike rentals” in Google search. Orlando has 11 bike rental shops but who shows up FIRST and SECOND? They even outranked YELP.

bike rentals orlando

Why Do We Recommend Wix for Your Website?

We’ve helped dozens of people start up their sites. You’re busy, we’re busy so we decided to find the easiest, but coolest platform for our clients. After years of using Blue Host, SiteGround, and Shopify, we started using Wix exclusively.

Fastest, Easiest, Best-Looking…and Affordable

Two Tourism Layouts We Love
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You Can Use the Domain for Your Own Bike Rental Website

Browse their beautiful ready to go templates below. You can order your domain and get the basics of your site up and running before someone else does.

But Instead…Grab Tons More Traffic and Create a Toursim Info Site

Be The Go-To for Area Equipment Rentals & Tourism Tips

Some people will use this geo-specific domain approach to rent their own bikes, but it’s also great for a lot of other purposes. You can create an area bike rental and other tourism related business directory that includes your business first and lots of links to your business, but is then also a good resource for people to see what other choices are available. Put other kinds of recreational rental equipment, the best places to eat, have fun, shop, etc. and you’ll increase the chances of traffic to your own business.

Make More Money with Ads and Services

Charge competitors a flat monthly fee to have an ad on your site. That way, no matter where the customer rents, you have in essence benefited. You can also use a geo-specific domain to feature advertising by other area companies that fit a bike rental seeker’s other possible interests. For example; ads from other types of adventure opportunities like diving or guided tours, as well as bed and breakfasts, coffee shops, gift shops, etc.

Tip- Keep Your “Area” Bike Rental Domain Separate

If you decide to go big, make sure you also keep a website with the exact domain name of your business. Even if it’s just a single info page pointing to your larger tourism/recreational rentals info site. First and foremost if your bike rental business site is fully incorporated into your area tourism site it’s hard to grow and sell that bigger site as a separate business. Secondly you’ll benefit greatly from having an interesting location specific tourism site so prominently linked to your primary business website.

Get Your Free Domain and Start Earning Quickly w/Super Easy Website Builder

Choose a free domain and a very low cost starter package. You don’t need much to start collecting traffic. If you use Wix your domain is free and in around 30 minutes you can have a two or three page site up and running. Expand pages as you go, but grab it now because you can cancel any time. For as little as $11 a month for their website builder package you can start a new business focused on selling ad space to other locals, or your own bike rentals. OWN YOUR TOURISM TRAFFIC STARTING TODAY

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