How to Put a Bike Together

Our Bikes are 95% Pre-Assembled.
To finish, follow these easy bike assembly instructions…

Bike Assembly Tools Needed

Tire Pump, Scissors, Allen Wrench, 5/8” and 14mm Wrench or Socket Set, Screwdriver

bike assembly tools needed

Bike Assembly Steps

Carefully open the carton from the top to unpack the bike. Use the box or a soft towel as extra padding for the frame and few parts.

bike assembly open box

Loosen bolts on the front wheel, then insert front wheel into frame forks. Tighten bolts using fingers then a 5/8” wrench to tighten wheel securely to fork.

front wheel bike assembly

The handlebars need to be attached to the frame by the stem. Loosen the center bolt, insert the stem into the opening at the top of the fork and adjust to desired height. Then tighten the center bolt on top of the handlebar using the Allen wrench. Next, adjust the handlebar to a comfortable angle that you might change later after  riding to get it just right. Start by loosening the hex bolt and adjusting the handlebar. Once you like the angle, then tighten the hex bolt to fix the bar in the correct position.

put handlebars on bike assembly

The rear wheel is delivered already connected to the bike frame. Inspect each bolt and tighten.

put rear wheel on bike

Next insert the seat post into the seat and tighten the bolts using a 14 mm wrench. Then put the seat and it’s post into the bike frame at least as far as the minimum line on the side, and then adjust further to the desired height. Tighten the hex bolt on the seat clamp to fasten the seat to the bike.

bike assembly put on bike seat

Next is adding the pedals. They are labeled R for right and L for left. The left pedal will screw on in a counter clockwise motion, and the right will screw on in a clockwise motion. Use the 5/8″ wrench to finish tightening.

add pedals to bike

The bike is now complete unless you have also ordered fenders.

how to put together a bike

How to Add Fenders to a Bike

The front and rear fenders are attached with three (3) chrome supporting brackets. First attach the front fender to the bolt on the back side of the fork. Then the support bracket attaches to the fork and to the fender itself using the supplied screws.

Next the rear fender is attached to the bike using the two (2) remaining brackets. Secure the brackets to the fender then to the rear frame. Tighten only after you get the bottom fender bolt on the frame, so there is room to adjust. Once you are satisfied with the fender’s position tighten all screws.